OWL VR Kit and Lite OWL


Owl VR Kit and Lite Owl

I’m so proud of these new goodies. I always dreamed of being able to make it easy for folks to enjoy the magic of 3-D. These are the results of years of my dreams and thoughts and designs – along with the stereo cards and books that we now publish. And these latest devices, brought to life by my small but dedicated team at the LSC, convert your phone into a 3-D and Virtual Reality portal ! Really !

Come into our world and be entranced !! These are our latest products, the Owl VR Kit (to view 3-D photos and movies and new VR content on your smartphone) and the Lite Owl (easy to slip into a pocket and can also be used to look at all kinds of side by side stereos). Buy them online at www.londonstereo.com.


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