Bri in Space !


Thanks @metal0925burn for these great pictures from tonight’s show in Tokyo.

Story to tell, here.

Usually the laser effect at this moment in the show is a shower of beams from all around me in the ‘oculus’ rig, fanning out, just missing the heads of the folks in the audience – so it looks pretty cosmic from the front. However, the Tokyo Budokan Arena is configured a bit like the Albert Hall. From the stage there are people in almost every direction, and way up high, so it would be too dangerous to aim those lasers out in the usual way.

For this reason, tonight, our lighting guys ingeniously made all the laser beams converge on one safe point up in the rafters of the hall.

I don’t know quite how it looked from out front, but from where I was standing, up in the middle of the oculus, suspended in space, I looked up after my ‘Whale and Dolphin’ interlude and suddenly I was transported into a VERY cosmic place. The converging beams in front of me gave the effect of me being in an infinite black tunnel in space, and the movement of the smoke made it feel as if I was being hurled into it! I was so awestruck I nearly stopped playing – well, I think I did pause for a moment – I wanted to savour the moment. And transmit it. I thought “This is an amazing moment – better enjoy it !” I just wanted you guys to be up there, and experience it with me!

Thanks for a great appreciative reception tonight, dear Japanese pals. We are old friends now. Kampai !!!


Tokyo - 21 Sep 2016

Tokyo 21 Sep 2016