Flight Taipei to Tokyo


 Through clear skies over balmy area of Okinawa.

Over Okinawa


Into turbulent weather approaching Japan where Typhoon Juroku (number 16!) currently rages.

Approaching Japan


Here are we’re looking towards the eye, but from a safe distance of about 100 miles away. Our pilot says we are in the ‘tail’.

39,000 still dark clouds

Now a little closer – at 39,000 feet we are still in dark cloud.


Approaching Tokyo between cloud layers (a little enhanced with Snapseed!).

Approaching Tokyo between cloud layers

The typhoon is to our left.

Flight map

Tokyo arrival in the rain

And arrival in Tokyo in torrential rain. Thank God we play indoors this time ! Hope our Japanese friends will be safe as the hurricane passes.

We’re all very UP about returning to the venerable Budokan in Tokyo. Ready to party ! Konnichiwa !! Totemo ureshi desu !!! (Happiness !)


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