Israel is hot !


Herzliya at sunset. Israel is HOT !

Herzilya at sunset


Berzelius by day. The Beach ! I think I may melt. Sound-check, anyone ? Israel is beyond HOT !

Berzelius beach


Hello Israel ! Let’s Rock some !

Selfie and beach


Tel Aviv ! Park Hayarkon. View from tonight’s stage. Before ! All set. All systems go.

Park Hayarkon


Ready to rock in Tel Aviv !!! Happy to be here after all these years. Hot hot hot !!!



It’s kinda nice to actually KNOW I’m in a foreign country – a separate world – that hasn’t been culturally obliterated by English/Americanism. No amount of guesswork will tell me what this means !!

Direction sign


Yep. Something tells me we’re definitely not in Kansas any more.

Air conditioning notice