My first evening in Singapore


I have to say I feel like a kid witnessing a rabbit being produced from a hat. After 69 years on this planet I didn’t think there was much that could still blow me away – but Singapore already has. The place is bursting with warmth and lush vegetation nestling all around the cool stunning architecture. The hotel is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And there is an air of beauty and calm about the place even though this is a big city. Very excited to be playing here for the very first time.

Enjoy this sunset – hope you have your LITE OWL or the grown-up kit handy. I’ll try to keep the stereo views coming.

Cheers !


Singapore sunset – a painting in the sky ! What a truly beautiful place.

Singapore sunset - mono


Singapore sunset in stereo. I feel blessed.

Singapore sunset stereo


Singapore Shangri-La by gibbous moonlight.

Singapore night stereo

Singapore by night - stereo