So what’s an OWL Virtual Reality Kit – The OWL VR Kit Pt1


So what’s an OWL Virtual Reality Kit and what does it do and why do we need one?

Bri and VR Kit Box

Well, the OWL Virtual Reality Kit is all about making your phone into a stereo viewer – a stereoscopic viewer, which is really the same thing as making it into a virtual reality viewer, and I’m gonna show you how incredibly easy it is convert your phone into something through which you you can forever see stereoscopic images, 3-D, surround 360, the whole bit, and it’s incredibly easy to do.

Here's my phone

Here’s my phone. My phone happens to have a nice picture of Pluto on it, side-by-side stereo, and if you view this in the right way it’s beautifully 3-D. It’s solid and round.

iPhone with Pluto

But there’s all kinds of stuff you can download on the internet now which is side-by-side stereo. All kinds of shark movies and dinosaur movies and we actually have a very nice ‘Diableries’ app, and there’s an incredible virtual reality experience around ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which Google are working on at the moment and soon will be with you.

So how do you view them? Well, there’s a lot of viewers around but I would maintain that our virtual reality kit is the best and I’ll show you why.

Let’s unwrap the VR kit.

Let's unwrap the VR kit

Brian introduces the OWL VR Kit – Pt 1 (14/09/16)

It comes in a very nice package, which you can actually use to look in immediately and immediately you’ll see this nice little dummy image of Saturn in 3-D, so immediately I think people will understand what this is for.

But let’s take it out of its wrapping – here we go. It comes with instructions, plenty of reading there – here’s the instructions. First of all how to use the kit, and secondly how to use the OWL viewer as a normal stereoscopic viewer for cards and books etc, which of course was its first use. Here it comes out of its package and it comes with a dummy view here, which I will now take out. Its attached here, so we can undo this. Here’s the dummy view and we’re gonna replace that with our mobile phone. That’s the idea.

Here's the dummy view

So, what’s different about this from a normal OWL? We’ve been selling OWL’s like this for a long time and they’ve been incredibly incredibly successful around the world for looking at stereos in books and looking at every kind of stereo card from the last 150 years or so. What’s different about this is the backplate. This is a magnetic backplate, which will convert your OWL into a VR viewer. It’s basically a fridge magnet, but took us a long time to work this out and make it work properly.

Basically a fridge magnet

The backplate fits in here, nice and sung, and it won’t move once you’ve got it in there. Make sure the magnetic side is facing the lenses, okay.

Backplate in place

Also you get this little piece of kit to attach your phone to the magnetic plate.

Magnetic shim strip

It’s a steel shim strip and I’m going to undo it now, and It comes out of its little cellophane wrapper, like this. The steel shim strip has an adhesive layer on it, covered up by a little cellophane cover like this, and I’m gonna remove that. It’s the normal kind of cover for adhesive strips. Off it comes, and you can see that.

Removing cellophane strip

This is now adhesive and this will stick to the back of your phone. Now, I’ve had one on the back of my phone for ages. They don’t get in the way. You can just leave them there. If you want to take it off, you can, but basically this can just live as part of your phone. You’ll go inside the phone case and it can be there for ever. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go. Here’s my phone. Here’s my OWL kit. It’ll just go on there. You can position it where you want it, but put it nice and square like this, and you are now ready. You are now in business for your stereoscopic experience.

The OWL is fully focusable. You hold it by the backplate and you focus with your thumbs and just about anybody’s vision will work. Here we go and at this point you’ll get a ‘WOW’ – at least I hope you will.

Another protective layer

One thing I forgot to mention, once you’ve stuck your steel shim strip onto the back of the phone, there’s another protective layer on the back of this little piece of steel. That needs to come off and then you’re ready for action. It will work with that on, but it’s best to take the protective layer off, then it’s gonna stick nicely to your OWL backplate.

Ready for action


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