Stop trade in ivory now


No More Trinkets

An elephant dies every 15 minutes to to make trinkets and to make money for despicable poachers and traders.

We must stop the trade in ivory now. Nothing but a complete ban will do.

Stop the killing of these magnificent creatures.

The World expects you to act now. END Ivory Trading FOREVER. No more elephant killing. Nothing less than a complete ban, worldwide.


Dr Brian May: Stop the Ivory Trade Now

Save Me Trust Statement – Ivory

Elephants are being murdered for their tusks every day. These sentient beings and their multi-generation family groups are being driven to extinction because of human greed and a desire for ‘trinkets’ This has to stop. How could we begin to explain that we let elephants become extinct on our watch We do not believe that allowing the sale of ivory on a free market will help save wild Elephants. The recent experience of CITES allowing the sale of stockpiled ivory in 1998 and again in 2009 has seen the price of ivory triple in China and across Asia with whole industries being set up to carve ivory again. This now fuels more demand that drives the black market price higher and sends criminal gangs rushing to African to murder wild Elephants. We have created a never ending cycle of destruction. We call upon CITES and all member Countries, including the UK to bring about an immediate end to the export of live animals and further, to end the export of their body parts.

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