Farewell Bangkok – and this happened !


Beautiful (young) Buddha in the Temple of Bells. I asked him for peace. Farewell Bangkok, a wonder of the world, and thank you for having us.

Young Buddah - Temple of Bells

I like Buddha. No ! Love him ! He honours all creatures. Today is the beginning of a 10 day Vegetarian Festival in Thailand. We need this in the UK ! Good for animals. Good for the planet. Good for our own health. Common sense.

Respect Buddah banner

The Thai people seem to have an understanding of beauty in architecture which has eluded us.

Bangkok architecture - stereo

More beauty than my tiny beleaguered brain can take in !

Bangkok - more beauty

Bangkok water travel ! Somehow it doesn’t jar. Harmony prevails. But tranquil it isn’t !

Bangkok water travel

And this happened !

Hong Kong Review

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