Recipe for Spelt Loaf


My therapeutic bake ! Spelt ! Always evolving. Ah yes – I promised the recipe. [LATE NIGHT LOAFING] I will do it. How Rock n Roll is that ?!

My dairy-free, all-natural Spelt loaf !

Spelt loaf - stereo


I use a Morphy Richards FastBake machine.

The recipe is slightly adapted from one my daughter Louisa gave me, dairy-free, and using spelt rather than ordinary wheat flour, since wheat, being a highly evolved man-engineered seed, gives so many people allergy problems. And it tastes great !

I put these ingredients in this exact order straight into the pan in the Breadmaker. No stirring while the ingredients are being put in.


1 and a half cups Alpro Almond Milk – roasted unsweetened, cold from fridge.

MEASURE THE HALF CUP FIRST, so the half cup line on the measuring jug is not obscured.)

1 teaspoon Demerara Brown Sugar

1 and ¼ teaspoons Salt 4 teaspoons Olive Oil

4 cups Organic Spelt Flour – spooned into the measuring cup with a tablespoon to avoid spillage.

1 and a half teaspoons fast acting Yeast (Doves Farm)

Crust control set to medium. Program 1 on Breadmaker – a 3-hour programme.


It’s worth buying a proper bread bin to keep the loaf in – being all-natural, with no preservatives, the loaf will dry out quickly otherwise. Throwing various seeds into the mix is also nice !

Good luck and let me know any improvements you make !!