Statement: Save Me announce intention to prosecute animal abusers


Save Me hidden agenda

Brian has asked me to put this statement up on the Soapbox, concerning an imminent press release from the Government’s committee on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – EFRA”.
Jen, Editor


Save me announce intention to prosecute animal abusers.

Today Brian May’s Save-Me Trust announced its intention to bring prosecutions against animal abusers including fox-hunters. Save-Me will step up alongside the RSPCA, exercising the important democratic right of the public to bring private prosecutions.

This announcement comes on the eve of an expected move on the part of the Countryside Alliance and the fox-hunting community to try to strip the RSPCA of its powers to prosecute those engaged in cruelty to animals.

Save Me says :

“The EFRA Committee Environment Food and Rural affairs committee is set to make recommendations tomorrow on laws affecting domestic animals. But hidden in this report – on the face of it all about dogs -is a vicious attack on the RSPCA.

What the public does not know is that this committee is dominated by advocates of fox-hunting, who are still enraged that the RSPCA successfully prosecuted David Cameron’s local hunt for unlawfully using packs of dogs to hunt foxes for ‘sport’.

Moreover it’s not generally realised that the EFRA committee members who are pushing forward with attempts to destroy the RSPCA were specifically planted there to further the legal return of Blood Sports.” A further announcement from Save-Me and QC John Cooper later today,