Venus – The Evening Star


Venus - The Evening StarVenus - mono 

Venus – the Evening Star – two nights ago, 4th January 2017.

The Brave Stars will see you through.

Venue - stereo

If you wanna know why this sequential 3-D pic makes Venus seem to float in mid-air … well, have a think, and I’ll explain in a day or two. Otherwise, well, enjoy!

If anyone wants a copy of my Instagram stereo template, you’re very welcome. Drop me a line at []

I just used my iPhone 7 plus for this – it’s quite good on low light levels. But, sadly, it’s hopelessly unsuitable for most astro photography because there is NO manual control of exposure, focus, or aperture. In this respect, iPhones are vastly inferior to their big rival, Samsung. Shame.


Venus - stereo