The Setting Sun – the Moon tonight !



The setting Sun even imparts beauty to the forest of cranes that is 21st century London. My feeling is : Never pass up a good sunset – we only get offered a limited number of them in our lives.

Sunset from my Roof. For viewing using an OWL stereoscope – or freeviewing – or … other.

unset and cranes stereo


The Moon 7 April

The MOON TONIGHT ! They call it a Gibbous Moon – gibbous meaning any phase between half illuminated (which astronomers confusingly call ‘First Quarter’) and full moon. This is a Waxing Gibbous Moon – the waxing part meaning getting ‘bigger’ – or more illuminated – day by day. Notice the best detail is near the border between light and dark – the Terminator line. The rest of the moon’s bright area is very flatly illuminated.

Happy weekend, folks !