Amateur Astronomy rocks !!


Moon at sunset

Amateur Astronomy rocks !!

On my roof right now. Just an iPhone 7 held up against the eyepiece of my Dobsonian scope – but just as the sun sets, the sky is still bright, and there’s not too much contrast. So you can get lucky. How lucky are we to have a good-looking Moon ! To inspire shepherds, lovers and poets. Ah – and lots of Moon in June songwriters.

Waxing cresent moon

Closing in on a pretty Moon. A waxing crescent just 4 days old. At top, the Sea of Crises – Mare Crisium. Well, my Dears, I’ve had a few …

And here’s a different kind of sphere. Maybe our magic crystal globe will bring us good fortune.…

Golden Days


ntroducing BTB Symposium

Me introducing the bovine TB Symposium a few days ago at Imperial College. [28 March 2017] Thrilled that all participated with open hearts and minds. And thrilled that there are already some results in terms of understanding. I believe we all took a step forward. Happy Weekend, folks.