Unboxing Golden Days


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When you work for a long time on a project and you put a lot of work in and a lot of the maximum creativity you can summon and a lot of belief and everything, and maybe the project can last years, there comes a point when it’s done and you sit back and you can see the result. Well this is a moment for me that I wanted to share with you.

Unboxing Golden Days

About two years, or a little more, we were working on this album, which is now called “Golden Days”. It wasn’t called “Golden Days” in the beginning. It was going to be called “Anthems 2”, but we finished this just before Christmas actually, and there was a lot of processing. There’s dealing with the artwork for the cover and a booklet and everything – mastering the disc, but finally we have it and this is the moment where I first hold it in my hand, which is great. You know you never, I find, I never get over that excitement and I’m immensely proud of this, which I’ve worked on with Kerry for a very long time. We’ve been collaborating for close to 13 years, I think.

So this is the moment I would like to share with you, where I can actually unwrap this disc – and here we have “Golden Days”. I should’ve got the scissors after all. Very tough these coverings – there we go. Here we go coming up here. Just bear with me a minute, okay.

Taking off the wrapper

(Whistles) Here we are – “Golden Days” the CD by me and Kerry Ellis, and it follows the “Anthems” album, which I produced for Kerry, but this is very much the two of us as you’ll hear two voices in a sense and opening it up here we are. Here we have our little orb, which is repeated from the front cover. If anyone’s interested in where this orb and this lighting design came from, have a look at a man called Georges de la Tour from many many centuries ago. Maybe you can see him here. This is his kind of way of depicting things where the energy and the light comes from, and so the golden days, the golden liquid sunlight is coming from here and hopefully we are capturing it.

Checking unboxed CD

CD has everything on it, of course. I don’t think many people buy these these days but we seem to have shipped quite a lot out which is great, and obviously you can download it as well, but there’s nothing quite like holding this thing in your hand, it seems to me. Maybe I’m old-fashioned.

The CD

“Golden Days” is out two days from now – my Dad’s birthday, 7th of April, so here we are, folks. “Golden Days” and it’s 2017, I believe. Golden days indeed.

The unboxed CD


Brian May & Kerry Ellis – Golden Days – Bri’s Unboxing – https://youtu.be/4acEOUD-kQw

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