Register !!!!! – (Post No 1)


These people could make a difference

Whether you like Jeremy Corbyn or not, he is so right about one thing. Britain is in a VERY bad state, and needs a HUGE shake up.  Kids !  Young folks … I implore you … REGISTER to VOTE if you are eligible.  NOW !!!  Your country needs you.   Do it now, and then we can all discuss how you can vote to bring about a change in this country, which is dangerously veering off course.

Did you realise that David Cameron deliberately made it hard for students to vote if they are away from home?

Because he knew that the Student Vote would be against him.  You can be sure Theresa May feels the same way.

Support the new RIZE UP campaign which is aimed to help students register.   Reclaim your right to vote, and have a say in your country’s future.


Rize Up campaign

Folks ! SUPPORT THESE GUYS !!! Rize Up at – it’s VITAL VITAL VITAL that young folks register NOW – and VOTE !!!