Theresa May


Theresa May

Oh – and obviously tearing foxes apart with packs of dogs wouldn’t be cruel, would it ? Does ANYONE swallow this evil nonsense ? How can we allow this duplicitous and pitiless woman back into power ?

And, by the way, using the argument that foxes’ numbers need to be ‘controlled’ is a lie. The hunts have been caught breeding fox cubs purely to make sure there are enough for their bloody hunts. Fox hunting is 100 per cent unjustifiable, and, Theresa May, you are a disgrace for advocating it. It’s time for a landslide backlash, folks.

This woman’s arrogance need to be rewarded with a firm wake up call. She needs to be shown the door.


his MAY loves foxes

This May loves foxes.

He also loves decent people. But the OTHER May has always favoured torturing foxes to death by packs of dogs. How nice. And she’s in the middle of a totally selfish bid to become a virtual dictator. An appalling prospect. She’ll succeed – unless you stop her. Look for #CommonDecency.