What’s Common Decency about ? – Post No 3)


Common Decency

At this moment, Theresa May is no longer Prime Minister of Britain. Because of her purely selfish bid to increase her majority by calling an election, Britain right now has no government. At the crucial moment of Brexit, we have no leadership. We have no “STRONG and STABLE leadership”. We have no leadership at all.

It’s time for us all in Britain to wake up and see what is really happening here. We need to shake up Britain.

We need to get rid of the arrogant and dangerous Theresa May, or at least thwart her attempt to become a virtual dictator.

But this coming election is not about being anti-Tory.

We all have to grow up, too.

The real situation is this. We may be able to remove Theresa May or we may not. But no matter how this election turns out, what we need to aim for at the end of it is a DECENT House of Commons. A Parliament in which democracy will function the way it was designed to do. So the next Government will be accountable for its actions. So the Prime Minister will be moderated by decency and democracy at work.

We can NOT do this by removing decent MP’s, no matter what party they belong to. Last year, we managed to stop Cameron bringing fox hunting back in through the back door with his sneaky SI. How ? The crucial deciding factor was the number of Decent Conservative MPs who stood by us. Contrary to what you may have been told, it was NOT the SNP who stopped Cameron in his tracks. Cameron HAD to back down because his own troops, acting on their own decent conscience, refused to support him.

In the next parliament we need to be able to do the same. Even if Theresa May gets an increased majority, it will not help her bring back fox-hunting if those crucial decent Tory MP’s – along with many decent Labour MPs and the massively decent Caroline Lucas for the Greens, are all against a return to barbarity.

This applies to many other issues too. Having a house packed with MP’s of all colours who are decent will moderate policy in all areas. It will make it harder for the Prime Minister to smash the NHS, to sell it off to rich supporters, which is already happening right now. COMMON DECENCY aims to achieve exactly this.

We are NOT anti Tory. We are anti Theresa May because she is the WRONG KIND OF TORY. She is not the decent kind. She is the ruthlessly ambitious, heartless, merciless kind. She is in the old Margaret Thatcher mould … do not let the publicity machine (including the Daily Mail, the Sun, The Telegraph, and the Times) fool you into thinking otherwise. She is a nasty piece of work. She is attempting in this election – against the interests of this country, to grasp total power – to become virtually a dictator. We MUST not let her pull this off.

How do we do it ? We vote according to Common Decency. Vote for your candidate not because he or she belongs to a party you’ve always supported … vote for the DECENT candidate who will represent your interests in Parliament … not just the interests of the rich. Common Decency will help you find out who that most decent candidate in your constituency is. We can’t make the decision for you, but we can help.

The fox-hunting issue is important in its own right – repealing the Hunting Act would plunge Britain back into the Dark Ages of brutality … not just Fox Hunting, but also Hare Coursing, Stag hunting with dogs. … it’s disgusting even to think of. But the fox-hinting issue is a kind of litmus paper test. Anyone who supports such a return to cruelty is highly likely to behave indecently in other matters too. Any MP who supports the abuse of animals is more than likely to support abuse to vulnerable humans too – the poor, the sick the homeless, the voiceless. And this is exactly what we see in the small but indecently powerful minority, headed up by Theresa May, who are right now advocating smashing the Hunting Act. If she succeeds, Theresa May will disable all those who wish to protect animals, and similarly she will take away the power of the majority to challenge them. This would bring about the end of democracy in our country.

Britain ! It’s time to wake up … and grow up. This is NOT about party politics .. it’s about saving democracy from an evil and cynical attempt to undermine it from within.

Theresa May must be stopped.


OK – If you don’t believe me on this matter … look at Tracy Crouch’s tweets. Look at what Andrea Jenkins is tweeting. Look at what Henry Smith is saying, Sarah Wollaston, what David Morris is saying. They’re all sticking their flag in the ground AGAINST the return of cruelty. And the Tory contingent of decent MPs is growing. We NEED these people. So we do NOT want to be marching with anti-Tory banners right now !!! We need to be marching with Anti Theresa May banners. She is the villain of the piece, because she epitomises the old-style Tory style – the arrogance, the insensitivity, the selfishness, the unfairness, and – as we now know for sure – the cruelty.

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