Dave goes all decent ?


David Cameron

Well, here’s a turn-up for the books. Good old Dave Cameron emerges from the shadows he was consigned to, after his arrogance and vanity resulted in his fall from grace. Guess what ? He’s gone all Common Decency ! He’s telling the equally humiliated Theresa May that she ought to consult with the Opposition party and hammer out a Brexit policy that might actually be something close to what the people of Britain really want. GOOD IDEA !!! That’s how Parliament ought to work – as we’ve been saying in the Common Decency campaign for a few years now …

But what a shame Dave never thought of this in the days when HE was forcing his will on Parliament ! How come it comes into his head now ??? Oh … sadly it’s all too obvious that this is a way of trying to recover his dignity and respect. Of course. He was right all along, wasn’t he. He should still be up there in the fluffy clouds that surround Number 10 ! At last the British public will acknowledge their error in rejecting him ! How he must relish he spectacle of Theresa May having to go cap in hand to the opposition – something that would have been unthinkable in the heady days when King DAVE was invincible. Shame. No honour among thieves, I guess. Not much decency either. Good try, Mr Cameron!

And by the way, Dave ….  did you forget ? All of this – ALL OF THIS SHAMBLES – is YOUR FAULT. ”


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