Day 2 of Production – and more


2nd Day prodution rehearsal Los Angeles

Hi ! From Bri !

First day of Queen & Adam production rehearsals completed (Sat 17 June). Could be our best EVER production !

You guys just might be shocked !

Not giving too much away – and not wishing to overstate anything … but in Day 2 of production – we have the best opening of any show – EVER. See ya out there !


Thanks for the votes, Mirror readers !! I appreciate being number 1 ! Wow – it was nearly an ALL Queen band !!


16 Jun 2017
Music fans vote for favourite fantasy supergroup – with Adele on lead vocals The 2,000 people surveyed told Adele, 29, we want Someone Like You, ahead of legends Elvis and David Bowie.

Fantasy Music group


June 18 – 23, 2017 | Trondheim, Norway

Starmus 2017

On birthday….

We love you Virginia !!! (You too, Will!)

Bri X

#VirginiaMcKenna (Mum) thanks everyone who sent #HappyBirthday messages to her via me. Thank you!
@BFFoundation @BornFreeUSA

— Will Travers (@willtravers) June 18, 2017

You can rely on Caroline to tell the truth. This truth is shocking.


@CarolineLucas A world without nuclear weapons isn’t only possible – it’s being created right now. But Theresa May absent as usual

Independent- Theresa May will humiliate Britain at UK this week

A whole Party attitude must now die. It should never have gained credence. We all NEED the Red Tape, the care, the safety.


This hasn’t aged well, has it @BorisJohnson?

Boris Johnson - Telegraph

Well done Simon. We’re with you.


Simon Cowell 15 June 2017 We hope to confirm a record tomorrow which will raise some money for the many people affected by this tragedy. Making calls tonight.