Lies, lies, lies !!!


Look ! It’s started. Poisonous distorted stories on the front of the fabulous DAILY MAIL aimed at scaring people into voting for “strong and stable” (!!!) Theresa May.

Daily Mail front 31 May 2017

In run-ups to elections the Daily Mail becomes an outrageously mendacious organ of propaganda. Just watch. Its front pages in the next 10 days will be a constant barrage of shameless bullshit. They’ll probably manage to cobble together some ‘story’ about foxes attacking someone’s pussycat, to justify Mrs May’s disgusting promotion of blood sports. There will be predictions from ‘experts’ of disaster if Corbyn gets to be in number 10 … anything from plagues of boils to wholesale flooding of London, to increased terrorism (in fact that preposterous lie has already been hauled out).

It’s all desperate, and obviously fake. You wouldn’t think it would fool anyone.  It did last time. I have a strange feeling the British public isn’t going to be duped again this time. Mrs May is so obviously useless at making her case (or any case) that normal decent people are thinking again. Theresa May losing her majority really WOULD be the best thing that could happen to Britain. Next … ooh ! Let’s see what the scurrilous Mail has half-hidden inside the paper … !!! 


But here’s the BIG ONE !!! Hidden away inside the Daily Mail – and of course the headline says this is a ‘controversial’ poll – but this is the BOMB !!!

Of course they have to try to make it look insignificant because they are TERRIFIED it might be true ! Folks — It could happen. Theresa May could lose her arrogant gamble. She could lose her majority – and even her comfy place in Number 10. BRITAIN is WAKING UP !!

And … to lighter matters … how can I look so jolly after 2 hours of signing ?!! Ha ha. Thanks Ms Bovill. Good shot.

Bri and book - arms outstretched - stereo