Chicago – St Paul – Montreal


Trump Tower Chicago

Look ! Trump Tower ! Of course we all love this giant totem pole !? Driving out of Chicago – which is an awesome city buzzing with good life – trying to figure out when it was that the Western World became all about money … hanging on to the hope that change is now happening and we’re waking up to the call for Decency and Justice for all creatures.

Bri in St Paul

Tonight in St Paul. You amazing folks of the Twin Cities gave us the greatest reception of this tour so far – outstanding !!! Thanks – I’m going to sleep feeling fulfilled. A night to remember.


Look Folks ! Wanna be in a movie ?!

Extras needed for major film "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Skimming the clouds

That delicious moment when you’re skimming the clouds before landing. From-plane-window sequential stereo using the 3-D Camera app. If you don’t have your OWL stereoscope handy, just dreamily stare ‘through’ your phone screen and let everything slip as you relax and drift off into the sky. Then the scene will transform – you will be gazing through a window and seeing the clouds in spectacular depth. Enjoy !


And there’s Downtown Montreal down there in the distance. Bonjour Montreal !!


Bonjour Montreal

Montreal Angel

A fine Montreal angel. A ‘from-moving-car-window’ stereo. I like NOT pursuing perfection in these stereo snaps. The fact that the doggy and his owner have moved tells me a story. So does the runner who streaked on between the two exposures – for the left and right frames. And the fact that my baseline is a couple of feet (the distance the car rolled between shots) rather than the two and a half inches that separated our eyes, makes it a nicely ‘hyper’ (exaggerated) stereo. Which also produces a kind of ‘miniaturisation’ effect, as if we were a giant looking at a small model. All this stuff still fascinated me after about 50 years of engagement with 3-D pictures. I also enjoy the little community of stereo photographers on Instagram. I can open it up any time and get in-depth treats – even though the format isn’t very friendly on a phone screen. Viewed on a lap top the stereo pictures are very effective if sized right. But free-viewing on the phone is what I usually do. Hello stereo folks !! Nice to be with you !


CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ! VOLTA – sitting down in Montreal. Backstage after the show with the amazing dedicated cast. Phenomenal !

Cirque du Soleil backstage

Janilla !!! A moment with the extraordinary lady who floats exquisitely in the air, suspended only by her hair. Cirque Du Soleil Volta – Montreal. Stunning. 

Janilla - Cirque du Soleil

Nice group shot !! From Twitter … I’d love to credit …

Group shot Chicago

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