Hello Cleveland !!! Why does that have a familiar ring ?!! Happy to be here ! Rock and Roll !!!

Bri with Cleveland banner

Photo: Sharon Ashley


photo: Pete Malandrone

THANKS, Dear Cleveland folks – we feel very loved. We had fun !!! Such a pleasure revisiting – Cleveland Rocks – without a doubt !!!

We gave it our ALL on stage in Cleveland tonight. And from the last chords of “We are the Champions” we “do the runner” straight into the cars, drive to the airport – change clothes fast at the FBO, plane journey to Boston, new cars which we see here (which look remarkably similar to the last set!) to the hotel. It’s a strange twilight life – but a good life if you don’t weaken ! Then some guys wonder why we don’t want to stop and sign bunches of record sleeves. 3 cities today. I’ve given it all I have. No more signing. Fair warning … OK ?

Zzzzzzzz good night good folks.

Cars - Cleveland