Edmonton !


Some things are impossible to capture photographically. One is a total eclipse of the Sun. Another is a Queen concert (along with Adam Lambert) in Edmonton.

I’m hoping we will soon have the stereoscopic selfie stick videos up on my YouTube channel – but until then … I wonder if this panorama by my trusty guitar tech Pete Malandrone will paint the picture. Not sure if Jen can find a way of making the whole thing viewable – maybe a link to a large file ? Well here it is in its entirety – and I’ll include a ‘zoom right in’ cropped version – so you can get an idea of the scale. But really ? You had to be there. It was a great night !!!

Thanks Edmonton ! 


Edmonton panorama]

CLICK the above for LARGER IMAGE

In this cropped version you get a good idea of what the ‘thrust’ looks like – the neck Donny Red Special with the headstock at the end where I’m standing. It’s an awesome place to be when the arena is packed to bursting point as it was tonight [4th July]. It’s a thrill. 

Edmonton stage thrust

Selfie stick moment in Edmonton tonight – the brand new ROGERS Arena packed and throbbing with bright energy. We came off very happy. THANKS !!!


Goodnight Edmonton

Good Night folks. Sweet dreams.

Nice pic.

Edmonton by IG m.j.w

Bri X

This man is one of Britain’s most astute commentators on what goes on in Westminster.

If you want a reality check, its here.


Theresa May Tories Damascene conversion like apostles fall at feet of Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto

David Cameron ripped to pieces by taxi driver. I’m sorry but it’s well deserved.

Shocking!!! Tory David Cameron ex PM give our heroes a pay rise? you’re just being “selfish” nurses firefighters police soldiers paramedics


David Cameron lift 1% pay cap for heroes is just being selfish?!! – https://youtu.be/h3AMfbjvaZI

This is really something amazing.


LONDON, ENGLAND Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody
– Hyde Park July 1st, 2017 – https://youtu.be/cZnBNuqqz5g

Thanks Green Day boys.


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