Flight for Detroit


Filthy weather for our flight to Detroit. Flying into thunderstorms. This should be interesting. But at least this is a storm outside my head. Thunderstorms inside are harder.

Filthy weather

Detroit - on the tarmac


Lift-off leaving Toronto.

Lift-off leaving Toronto – https://youtu.be/Tkoe8fgemQ8

Hello Detroit !!!

Safe touch-down in Motor City – thanks Cap’n Alan ! Now to set about making some noise.

Hello Detroit – https://youtu.be/5XLG-z7nNPA

What a great bIrthday present ! I like this so much. THANKS !!! My friends – including all of you out there – worked so hard to give me a good birthday. I’m so grateful. My underlying truth is that July 19th is inherently the most painful day of the year for me. A birthday seems to magnify all the feelings of doubt and desolation that reside quietly in the recesses of the mind most times. I wonder how many of you feel the same. I’m grateful to be the other side of this one. Onwards ! To Rock one more time in Detroit !

Space figue with rocket

And of course, as ever, in 3-D. This time wearing his space vehicle ! Happy Thursday folks !

Space rocket in stereo

Please help us petition for this law. It’s long overdue.



Cecil's law


I am Groot !

I am groot


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