Happy Birthday Rog !!! – Plus – Newark


Golden Birthday Boy ! Happy Birthday Rog !!!

Roger - birthday drink


I’m lucky. I have a tasty view of the green core of the immortal Big Apple. I love NY.

Big Applestereo view

Look up to the skies … !

Look ujp to the skies - stereo


Reflecting Downtown Newark. This is where we plan to weave our magic tonight. HELLO NEWARK !!!

Reflecting Downtown Newark


It will never catch on !!!

M & Ms


My fantastic present from Rog and Sarina !! Do you know what they do ?!

Skulls mono

And close-up in 3-D … what treasures !!! Thanks Rog !

Skulls stereo

Thanks NEWARK folks ! It was a fine night ! And you gave us great encouragement !

Newark Lasers by Agent Ashley

Photo: Agent A

Ha ha ! Have to stress this was not my idea, and I wish Theresa May no physical or mental harm. I’d just like to see her, at the right moment, get out of the way and let the country move on to a better place. But it makes you smile.

Mrs May persued by super heroes

Picture: Jimllpaintit


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