Look what they did ! – Toronto


Look what they did ! Bless ’em ! Bri. Photo by Jimmy May @jim213may

Birthday card

Credit: @jim213may


THANKS beautiful people of Toronto !! From Queen and Adam and Frank !!! You were fabulous ! Bri photo: Agent Ashley

Frank with open arms


Good Night Toronto !!! Big Thanks ! Photo: @jim213may

Goodnight Toronto - by Jimmy May

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So happy to see these guys who were in tonight. Metallica rocks. Seen with Bri’s Red Special. Love ’em. – Photo : @jim213may

Metallica guys - Toronto - by Jimmy May

Credit: @jim213may


The mighty Metallica men at our gig in Toronto tonight.

Metallica guys - Toronto. Jimmy May

Credit: @jim213may


A Toronto QAL moment. Photo by Jimmy

Toronto moment by Jimmy May

Credit: @jim213may


Thanks Adam !!!

Toronto by Adam


Bri X

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