Mars is made of chocolate !! – Denver and New Horizons


It’s OFFICIAL ! Mars is made of CHOCOLATE !! (Thanks NASA and the Washington Post.)

Chocolate Mars


I’m excited – ‘cos the Men from Pluto Fly By are coming to our show tonight ! The guys who secured these breathtaking totally ground-breaking pictures under the leadership of PI Alan Stern rewrote the book on Pluto. They kindly included me in the climax of their mission to visit this distant world – an experience I will never forget. And tonight they are my guests. I’m hoping they’ll enjoy our trip. Along with a packed house of good Denver folks ! Proud !

Breathtaking Pluto


Special !!! Look out for this Pop-Up Stand at the current Queen and Adam gigs in Foyer. You can preview the QUEEN IN 3-D book and get an early copy !

Pop up book stand


Me and NASA’s Alan Stern, conqueror of Pluto ! And a fabulous Pluto globe the New Horizons team honoured me with.

Rock !!!

Bri and Alan Stern
Bri and Alan Stern


Me enjoying a fabulous Denver crowd – bless ya all ! I broke 2 strings but it was worth it !!! Denver Rocks !!!

Enjoying Denver crowd


I could never in a million years take this for granted. THANKS Colorado crooners !!!

Colorado Crooners


A nine-fingered Pluto salute backstage with the New Horizons team tonight. The significance of this gesture is that the International Astronomical Union recently demoted Pluto to something less than a planet – a decision rejected by many of us who grew up recognising Pluto as planet number 9 in the Sun’s family. The salute is a gesture of defiance !

Denver - New Horizons team

Thanks guys – sweet dreams !