Happy Eclipse Day folks !!


This is what we wanted to see this morning – clear sky ! Hooray ! All good so far. Good luck out there folks and be careful – do NOT look at a partially eclipsed Sun without proper eye protection – not even for a second. Project the Sun instead – even a pinhole in a sheet of card will do that. During the total phases – look and enjoy ! Until the Diamond Ring appears.

This is waht we wanted


Happy Eclipse Day folks !!

Happy Eclipse Day


I’m getting good sunspots !

Getting good sunspots


We’re under way !!!!

We're under way


Crescent shadows on the ground – close to totality.

Crescent shadows on ground


It was awesome !!! Totally… 

Totality on camera


We’re Livin’ the Dream !!

Panda Express


Proud to meet this guy. 



Now that’s what I call eclipse photography ! By my pal Jamie Cooper – look at those beautiful prominences – each of those red flames is 100 times bigger than the planet we live on. @CoopsCamera check him out ! jamiecooperphotography.co.uk 

USA eclipse by Jamie Cooper


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