Leaving LA. Always sad.


Brian leaving LA

 Leaving LA Leaving LA. Always sad. Love LA. 

Hi folks. Hope you’re where you want to be today. Or if not, I hope you can MAKE it where you want to be.



British Airways A 380 ! Enjoying the panoramic view !!! Have to say any shortcomings BA may have are massively mitigated by the friendly and sparkling flight crew. 

British Airways – Thanks guys !!

BA A380 window view

Even later…

In a packed Terminal 5 hall, British Airways once again FAIL UTTERLY to prioritise luggage.

How come other airlines can manage it but you can’t ? Once again it’s hard to escape the conclusion that, at the top level in British Airways NOBODY CARES.

Packed Terminal 5

The appallingly bad layout design of Terminal 5 is legendary – but – no seats ? Why ? Little kids sprawled all over the floor in the dirt. International travellers immediately sense a U.K. that is uncivilised and falling apart. For shame.

Terminal 5 no seats