Remind you of anyone ? – and Queen in 3-D books at Book Soup


Good Lord ! Does this remind you of anyone ?!!! Well, imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery I guess !!!

Remind you of anyone ?

Bri with QUEEN IN 3-D books at Book Soup. This was at 5pm. By 9.30 pm every one of these was signed and GONE ! Happy to see them making their way out there… thanks folks. 

Brian with books to sign - Book Soup


And Queen in 3-D books in 3- D !

Brian with books to sign - Book Soup


Demonstrating the OWL VR Kit to Steve Jones.

Demonstrating Owl VR Kit to Steve Jones


Stereo portrait – the result of my OWL demonstration to the venerable Steve Jones

STeve Jones portrait - stereo


This picture struck me as pretty much a full circle view on my life. At the QUEEN IN 3-D Book launch lecture yesterday at DISNEY main theatre.

Brian - Disney talk - back view
Photo credit: Unknown


Remembering the total Eclipse. Partial phase. A few minutes after first contact. In mono the Sun looks a lot like Pacman – devouring space. But in serendipitous stereo it looks like the moon is about to devour those lovely sunspots !

Eclipse - partial phase