My present to Freddie – Rami Malek – and – Meeting Gwilym Lee


Rami Malek first stereo

This is my present to Freddie – the first stereo portrait of the brilliant young man who will play the part of a Freddie in our movie – which you may have heard is called Bohemian Rhapsody ! He is called Rami Malek. He will channel Freddie’s unique persona and passion. And I believe we shall do you justice Dear Freddie, once and for all !!!

Happy Birthday F.
Bri X

Rami Malek in mono


And here for comparison is Freddie himself – right ? Wrong. This is Rami revving up for the performance of his life. The whole thing is truly breathtaking now the production is taking shape. It feels like a rocket taking off. Shooting begins Friday.

Rami as Freddie


And here’s a great moment for me – meeting the fine actor who is playing me, the Young Bri, in the Movie – Gwilym Lee. This was our very first moment together three weeks ago – but I had to sit on this picture until the announcement was made. Today we spent some quality time connecting – talking guitars and philosophy ! And actually throwing some licks around ! Amazing times.

Bri and Gwilym Lee first meeting