This is “Queen in 3-D” in Italian


Unboxing “Queen in 3-D” Italian Edition

Hello beautiful Italian people and Buona Sera.

This is Brian May and some of you may know that I released a book about Queen all in 3-D and this is it but this is a very special version and to me it’s very thrilling because this is a big day, ‘cos now we have a very special version of “Queen in 3-D” and I will show you why it’s so special.

This is the Opening Ceremony, the ‘unboxing’ if you like, and take off the shrink-wrap …

Bri removing shrinkwrap

and you’ll notice the lenticular on the front which is already 3-D but there’s much more 3-D inside. But if I remove the book from its beautiful slipcase like this, then you see we have the “Queen in 3-D” but we also have the viewer which is the OWL stereoscope but the big big big thing is that this is no ordinary “Queen 3-D”, this is Queen 3-D” in Italian.

And here we have everything.

“Momenti Miscellanea”…

Momenti Miscellaneo

This is Italian for Madison Square Garden and if there is so much in here.

Italian for Madison Square Garden

Ah “Tutti Jiaponne” and you can see here we have mono pictures to enjoy but we also have lots of stereoscopic pictures which are here and this is where you use your viewer.

Japanese page

Your viewer, your OWL stereoscope is included in the package and once you take it out and fold it up it looks like this. You position it over the top of a stereoscopic pair like this and you’re ready to view in 3-D, but you will be viewing in 3-D in Italian.

So here we go and it’s amazing. It’s just like your there, you know. It’s so different from just a mono picture.

Mono pictures are nice. You’ve got colour and it’s nice and big and itsa nice memento, but when you see the 3-D picture it’s an incredible feeling like you are there at the moment and you could almost walk through that window and talk to the people in there. So this is something I’m very excited about but I’m even more excited that it’s now an Italian, beautifully translated by my wonderful friend Raffa, by the way, to whom I send much thanks and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Okay – arrive derci. We will see you soon on tour. God bless you,

Gracie Mille Spektakkolo !

Spettakolo tweet


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