Good Morning ! – What rock stars do on a day off !


Good Morning !

What a treat to see the Sun rise in one of my favourite places. Lovely Sidmouth in Devon. On the trail of bTB !

Devon morning

This is what rock stars do on a day off !

Bri in cowshed on Devon farm

Still on that learning curve in Dairy farming. This is cow world on an October morning.

Cows in shed

My pal ! This is BEFORE she ate my jacket !!!

Bri with cow before ate jacket

The Happy Robot ? Part of learning to understand the needs of farmers is abandoning preconceptions. My first reaction to the idea of robots feeding cows was not joyful. But these cows seem to enjoy the attentions of this small robot that refreshes the feed and delivers it to their door. I guess it’s not much different from us sitting in Yo-Sushi waiting for our food to arrive on a moving belt.

Happy Robot

This is the follow up. Looking behind the robot to where it’s been we see the effect it’s had. The philosophy here is that a well-fed, well cared for animal is a happy animal with an immune system strong enough to stay healthy. I don’t like the fact that we farm animals as commodities. But since it’s a fact of life for the time being, I’m proud to be part of an initiative to fight the diseases that cause suffering to farm animals and their keepers. If this scheme works, coupling enhanced TB testing of cattle and vaccination of badgers, none of the arguments will matter any more. Every farmer will want this solution to their problems. Pursuing the goal of a #TBfreeBritain. And an end to the tragic slaughter of our wildlife. 

Happ robot feeding the cows

Well, I could have stayed home today, cosy and warm. But out there with the silage and the slurry, I found a lot to ponder. I’ll just leave you guys to ponder how you feel about the world being this way.

Devon cowshed

Just for the record – I didn’t. It’s just the usual time-wasting BS from the scurrilous Daily Fail. For Heaven’s sake, guys, try to find something useful to do.

Daily Mail - Hardcastle