News of the World 40 – Frank – Europe – All Dead All Dead


Excited to inbox and unbox this 40th Anniversary Edition of our album NEWS OF THE WORLD. A massive amount of work in this box set – it will be worth the wait – and worth the shillings. Delicious !

Excited to unbox NOTW40

News of the World 40 - box view

Quality time with my Frank. He’s in the book in 3-D. We both are. ….. photo by Paul Harmer.

Time with Frank

And – off we go. Europe here we come !!! Thankfully we are still Europeans right now. Perhaps this whole embarrassing Brexit nonsense will just blow away. Meanwhile … Let’s Rock. And so it begins again. We shall be busy !

Tour itinerary cover

Tour itinerary - dates

Very happy to realise the video for this song, just 40 years on. Tell me if it connects… OK ?  ALL DEAD ALL DEAD – the new lyric video. For a version of the song that nobody was meant to hear. Thoughts ? 

All Dead All Dead - cat faceQueen – All Dead, All Dead Lyric Video (Hybrid Version)

All Dead All Dead - end frame