Unwrapping first ever copy German Edition “Queen in 3-D”


Brian May unwrapping first ever copy German Edition “Queen in 3-D”

NOTE: The German edition releases 6 October 2017
ORDER LINK: https://www.prego-shop.de/earbooks-queen-in-3d


Hi Folks

Gutten Tag.

I’m just taking a moment to open this book because it’s something very special. It’s Queen in 3-D, my own stereoscopic book containing lots of historical photographs which I’ve taken and various people have taken during the whole 50-year period of the career of Queen, our band, but this one is very special because this one is different because when you open it you’ll see the slipcase and you then remove the book along with your complementary OWL, which is in here – your stereoscope. You will find that this book, diese Buch ist auf Deutsch.

So this is a big thrill for me. I’ve never seen this book before and having worked for quite a few years on the original, it’s a real thrill to now see the translated version.

This is completely in German and I think will make perfect sense. I hope so, because my German is being a little schlect, as you probably know, but this is it Queen in 3-D is now in German and I hope you will enjoy it because it’s very special for Queen in Germany. As you probably know, we have a long, wonderful relationship with Germany, and we hope it will continue into the future.

We’ll be seeing you soon because we’ll be playing Munich very soon, but here we are. Here is Queen in 3-D and lots of pictures of Queen on stage, but also offstage and in cars and planes and trains and generally journeying on our way since the very early days with Freddie and right up to the present day with Adam Lambert. And you will see this, if there are any Adam Lambert fans out there. They’re in here too.

Okay, postscript…

I just want to check that you know, how to use this thing, ‘cos this is the real joy. This is a great book to enjoy pictures in. See a nice picture of Freddie here taking a picture of me.

But the great thing about this book is that it’s 3-D and so you can enjoy the pictures in a much more realistic, a much more immersive way than if it’s just a flat picture on the page and for that you’ll need your OWL and an OWL is included and we have a fantastic 1986 Freddie Mercury jacket Wembley Stadium OWL viewer and basically you just have to spend about half a minute assembling it, which means you fold this up here and clip it together like that, and here like that and you’re ready… there we go. You hold the viewer here and you can focus it with your thumbs like this and this is a high class stereoscopic viewer. It might look like a piece of plastic, but it’s a very good viewer to bring these pictures to life. Here’s the mono picture, but here is the stereo picture and what you do is position your viewer over the top like this, your OWL, and then you can focus and if you get enough light on it, suddenly you will see this thing in glorious, realistic 3-D and it’s just really as if Freddie is right there looking at me.

I love this stuff and all through our career I was taking pictures in 3-D and you can now see them in this book.

So, don’t delay, und auf weidersehen.

We’ll see you soon.


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