Bonjour La France – Amneville


A happy landing. Bonjour La France !!

Happy Landing France

Sorry …. Bonne après midi !!

Bri on tarmac - France

After a shower of rain …. we are in Metz, North Eastern France – close to Luxembourg.

Plane on tarmac, France - in rain - stereo

So this is what they meant by “On the Road”. It’s a choice some of us make. I guess I have been On the Road, off and on, for two thirds of my life. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken !!! I’m grateful for it.

Brian May on the road France 12112017

This is how my world looks this afternoon. Sound check. Light check. New song ?!! Check !

Adam Lambert at soundcheck Amneville 12112017

PANORAMA: Scroll the Panorama below – right and left

[easy_panorama id=”9766″]


Above the clouds in Amneville 93 minutes ago. MERCI BEAUCOUP !!!

Bri - above the clouds - Amneville

Selfie Stick Stereoscopique moment in Amneville ce soir. Bless yo’all !! Au revoir mes amis. À bientôt !!!

Selfie view Amneville

Gotta love a night-time police escort !!! Merci La Gendarmerie ! This is what’s called ‘Doing the Runner’. Running straight from the last goodbyes on stage to the cars, already running, we are speeding through the night before most of our guests have left the building. Half an hour later we’re on the plane – an hour or so in the air, an hour’s drive to a new hotel, and we’ll wake up tomorrow morning in the next city ready to play tomorrow night. Like I said – it’s a good life if ya don’t weaken … Grateful ? Yep.

Brian May ‘Doing a runner’ – post show police escort Amneville 12112017


PS Oh ! I forgot to mention this bit – where we have to take all our stuff apart to go through an illogical security check and change out of our stage clothes in an FBO cupboard (I’m not going to show you that!) It’s all friggin’ glamour …  Bri

Security check