Good Morning ! Dublin


Brian May bound for Dublin 25112017

Good Morning ! Back on the horse ! We’re bound for Dublin’s fair city. Where the girls are passing pretty. Nice day for it ! I’m grateful to see the Sun. And grateful to be healthy enough to do this. Have a good day folks.

Dogtooth trousers - stereoBri X

Floating with the clouds to Dublin

Floating with the clouds. Above a landscape lightly frosted with snow. Somewhere near Aberystwyth. Please free-view (using advice from if necessary). This is a fair example of a picture that only really works in 3-D. Right ?

Hello Dublin !! Isn’t this The Point ?!! Of course it is !! Bless ya all – come in and get warm !! No ! Get HOT !

Hello DublinPhoto: Justin Garrick on my iPhone !

Ready to rock Dublin

Nearly there ! Hope you’re all ready to rock, dear DUBLIN folks !

Thank you good folks of DUBLIN !!! What an AMAZING audience you make for us. It’s a joy to play for you and with you. The Emerald Isle still rocks !!! God Bless ya every one ! And thanks Jaime Ortiz Mangado for the great photo.


Bri in green shirt - Dublin

Bri and Roger - Dublin