Hello dear Amsterdam folks


I have to apologise for this complete mess-up.


This announcement from “ABC Events” explains that there will be no signing, but, sadly, it doesn’t tell the true story. I’m not actually ‘cancelling’ at all, because this entire thing was done without my knowledge. I only found out about it yesterday by accident !

Somebody decided, without asking me, to sell tickets for an event which could never happen. It’s nothing to do with ‘unforeseen circumstances with the tour scheduling’. Our tour scheduling is exactly as it was planned months ago. There was never any possibility that I could have done a signing on a show day, in the short time we are in Amsterdam for this trip. And it would have been pointless anyway, because I already spent hours signing book plates for each book, so everyone would get a signature taking part in this special offer, so signing again would make no sense.

All I wanted to do was call in for a quick photo at the shop to say thank you to them for stocking my book – as I did very happily in Prague just last week. I’m very angry that the way this has been handled has misled both you and me. I’m sure there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere along the line, and everyone had the best intentions. But I’m very upset to be put in the situation where it seems I’m letting you guys down. Of course our absolute priority on this visit is to give every ounce of our energy to the live show. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Let’s Rock !!! And … sincere apologies – this should never have happened.


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