Hello dear Swedes !!


 Christmas !!! Long time since I saw snow. How pretty ! Oh ! Where am I ?!! Ah – Stockholm. Gig tonight. Back on the horse.


Hello Sweden

A little bike ride in virtual California doesn’t do any harm …. thank you #technogym ! 

Brian May: Bike ride in virtual California

Well, it might be the LARGEST interstellar object ever seen – but certainly we’ve seen dust particles in hyperbolic orbits which also had to be visitors from outside the Solar System. Anyone want to argue ?!!!

Interstellar visitor

Decorative natural phenomena in Stockholm !

Decorative natural phenomena in Stockholm

Oh NO ! It’s that Christmassy feeling …! 

Christmassy feeling - Stockholm

Ah ! This seems to be it ! The Friends Arena. Hello Friends.

Friends Arena - exteriorWe’re going in ! Soundcheck time in Stockholm. Is this starting to feel familiar ? It always feels a bit like the Millennium Falcon docking in the Death Star loading bay to me …! Another warm welcome ! All is well.

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Brian May arrives Friends Arena, Stockholm

Wow ! This is a stupendous place ! More like an aerodrome than an arena! Actually it’s a beautifully designed football stadium with a roof. What will it look like tonight ?! I’ll let you know !

Friends Arena

With an old and good friend. Thomas Johansson (centre) promoted Queen in 1973 !!! Happy to say he’s promoting our show tonight – as part of Live Nation. Our illustrious and somewhat elusive manager Jim Beach makes up the trio. Aaah ! Once we was boys …. and here we are …

Bri, Thomas Johansson and Jim Beach

Ever get the feeling somebody’s watching you ?!

Somebody's watching you


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