In the ‘Pool !!! Yay !


Waking up in the Wirra

Nice place to wake up. This view of the English countryside conjures up a myriad thoughts now that I actually know something of what goes on in it. Well, the air smells good here in Wirral. Nice fitness and spa too. This is my life ! Grateful. And ROCKIN TONIGHT in the ‘POOL !!! Yay !

Lone Liver Bird

A lone Liver Bird … nice to be back !

Running visit - Waterstones

A running visit … to Waterstones … to say … “Thanks for sellin’ me book !!”

Pose for Press - Waterstones Liverpool

A pose for the Boys. Outside Waterstones Liverpool.

Surprising photographers - Waterstones Liverpool

And in the Waterstones book shop – astonishing the Photographers. I ‘m happy when I get a “Wow”. They will never shoot in mere Mono again ! 3-D rocks !

hanks Neil - Beatles country

Thanks Neil, esteemed and illustrious exponent of the electric bass. Back on the Horse, then ! And it’s Beatles Country !!! Yay !!!


Self-explanatory … Welcome !!

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Where I became a Chancellor – of Liverpool John Moores University. And where I received an honorary degree (in the days before I actually earned my Doctorhood) and also conferred many degrees on worthy recipients. Lovely old Liverpool Cathedral. Yes, we go back.