Lithuania ! It’s date !

Kaunas billboard

Being present ! Bri. Photo by Agent Ashley

Kaunas - Brian and billboard

Look at this set list ! I think I have some learning to do !! Ha ha ! Yes – thank you – I am reliably informed that IR KITI HITAI is not a song I had forgotten, but means “and other hits” !!! So I may be OK. Our problem, of course, in the live situation is that we have Too Many Hits. This is an expression borrowed from the wonderful and sadly missed Artist who was once, formerly, known as Prince. It’s a wonderful problem to have, but it does mean that we have to leave a lot of material out that people might want to hear. Still … all opinion seems to be that this is the best production we’ve ever taken on tour – so all in all I am happy. 

Kaunas set list - ir Kiti Kitai

Good Morning !! And hello bike ! 

Kaunas - hello bike

Kaunas - Bri legs

Sequential stereo of the view from my window in Vilnius this morn. I like the effect of the pedestrians standing out from the background ( or sinking in). Why do they do this ? I didn’t take this hyper stereo in the usual wa, rockin’ from foot to foot. I used a burst of photos taken while I swept the camera sideways ( you just hold the button down on an iPhone and it chatters away). I chose my left and right images from close to the ends of the burst sequence. Then put them together side by side in the usual way with the 3DCamera app, which sadly now only works on an old iPhone – damn you, Apple !!! The people moved mostly just a little bit left or right between the chosen exposures, so, when we are viewing the stereo pair, we get a false ‘parallax’ effect on them, making them appear nearer to us, or further away from us than they really are. So which direction did I sweep ? You can tell from the walkers. Happy days folks. Now, for us, an hours drive in the rain to … KAUNAS ! To rock ! 

Vilnius church and street - stereo

Now the extreme hyper with about 15 foot baseline – between my two windows. The tower is the Gediminas Castle tower. No time for me to visit on this trip. Next time ! If I’m spared !

Vilnius hyper stereo