The Beauty of Bologna – and – Bees


Wow ! Falling in love with Bologna all over again. I love how Italy lives in harmony with its past. A city like this makes me mourn the London I used to know, before its skyline and its quality of life were destroyed by greed, speculation, and the corrupt planning decisions that continue to ruin us.

Look at Florence, Venice, Rome and So many other Italian cities to learn how, even though Italy has its own problems, it rises every morning proud of its history, and ready to live the present day to the full.

Yep. Still feel privileged to be a part of Europe.

Statue Bologna


In the midst of all the awfulness, how great to see a government minister make this decision to protect our wildlife and our well-being.


UK will back total ban on bee-harming pesticides, Michael Gove reveals
Exclusive: Research leads environment secretary to overturn government’s previous opposition, making total EU ban much more likely
9 November 2017 by Damian Carrington
Environment editor