Three brave stars – and – Copenhagen by day


[ Very early morning… ]

Amazing ! A major city with skies so clear you can see the stars ! Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen !  Yes – I could sing you the song ! Danny Kaye 1952 – written by Frank Loesser.  Anyways – I think you can see the three Brave Stars of Orion’s Belt here to the right – pointing down to brilliant Sirius ahead to the left – in this rooftop astro snap. Very makeshift with only an iPhone. But … well, sweet dreams all.  And thanks Copenhagen for a great stay. 

Orion's belt above Copenhagen

DID do the hyper stereo – but the stars got a bit lost. Sirius is still there, though. Goodnight folks.

Hyper stereo

Copenhagen by day. Nice !

Copenhagn by day

A nice moment. Freddie emblazoned on a Norwegian Airlines tail plane. Salute !

Spotted Freddie tail fin

Oh ! He’s coming with us, it seems ! 

Freddie coming with us