One more time – Birmingham


One more time ! All set !ready to rock ONE MORE TIME ! Eek ! I’m getting nostalgic already. I’m feeling much better today- might even have some semblance of a voice ! Let’s go, dear ol’ folks of Birmingham !

Brian May: One more time – ready to rock Birmingham 16122017

The final chords of this tour. Tonight in Birmingham. Big thanks to all who gave it life. And you folks tonight – amazing. I’m sorry I had no voice to give you tonight, but I hope I made up for it in perspiration and love !!!

Final chords, Birmingham

Thanks for great pic by @jamiethemiracle


Thanks Stufish guys for great work on our production for this tour. Goodnight all ! From Queen and Adam and Frank the friendly Robot !

Brian May: Goodnight all from Queen, Adam and Frank the friendly 16/12/2017