Reclaiming Me


Brian May Reclaiming Me – Back in the saddle 30122017

Back in the saddle. ON YER BIKE !  – as they say. I’m reclaiming my health. I had about a week off from fitness regime – due to post-tour exhaustion, and the nasty virus that took my voice away for our London shows and carried on choking me for a full 3 weeks, plus an attack of the ‘I am worthless’ blues. Rest is also worthwhile. But now it’s time to kick-start the body and soul again. Wanna join me ? 35 mins Biking and 7-Minute Workout is my routine. Modest, but gets the machine up and running. And a bit of mindfulness thrown in. Plus hot and cold shower. Yes, it takes a slice out of your day, but somehow it makes the rest of it feel more worth-while.

Happy limbo days, folks.