Thanks Leeds !!! – and a day off


I saw ya ! Nice photography Ariel !!! Hope you don’t mind me broadcasting this one ! @thisisarielnatale  And …. thanks LEEDS !!!

Brian in Leeds to Ariel Natale

THANKS INSTAGRAM !!! Fighting the good fight.

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A LEEDS treasure. This stirs up lots of mixed emotions in me. Nostalgia – this is how the world looked when I was a child. Love – just a glorious sight, alone in the dark. Puzzlement – I wonder why architects these days cannot make such beauty. Sadness – it is empty and apparently up for sale. Concern – maybe someone will buy it and wreck it by modernising it or pull it down. Hope – I hear it’s a listed building. Affection – I wish I could take it home and keep it safe until the world realises what it’s losing.

Northwood House, Northwood Road, LeedsNorthwood House, Northwood Road, Leeds

A day off – without travel ! This is a rarity for us on tour. A day to hide away and lick the wounds. You do get an accumulation of wear and tear doing this stuff. I love my job – but it takes a toll, especially when you’re nearly 95 but still running around like a 25 year old. Today, for me … trees, plants, Winter sunshine, fresh air and … some fabulous spa time !

Day off - trees

And a special treat ! Today I got to ride through what I think is Monument Valley … ? Of course these virtual trips are a nice distraction now and then. But I often prefer just the mindfulness of being at one with the body, the resistance level, the revs per minute and the heartbeat. I throw in some upper body goals too and soon the exercise is complete. Then rest !!! Happy Thursday folks. To me it feels like a Sunday !

Note: Nancy E Yarmak mailed that the terrain is Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Brian May: Exercise bike ride through Arches National Park in Moab, Utah 07/12/2017 –

Cheers !