Thanks Sheffield !!! – Good morning Manchester


Thanks @Jaimethemiracle ! A SHEFFIELD moment ! Thanks Sheffield !!! At the Fly DSA Arena. You rocked !!!

Brian in Sheffield

Snow ! Still get that childhood thrill !! Good Morning Manchester !!!! 

Brian May: Snow watching in Manchester 9 Dec 2017

A beauty of old Manchester. I’m getting that feeling again – our country being ripped apart by speculative building. The Old buildings of character being allowed to fall into ruin so they can be destroyed to make way for more and more construction of faceless glass blocks. We are in a terrible trap. Smart phones are made to peg out to force us to buy a new one next year. Building works are done in a way that ensures the builders will have more work next year. Does nobody care ? Or are we all blind to the way our country is being used to use us ?

Old Manchester

Hello little coffee maker robot ! What a handsome chap you are !!! Very welcome after a morning exercise call.

Hello little coffee maker robot

THANKS MANCHESTER !!! You have to be the best singers of this leg !!! Rockin’ !!! And thanks @thisisarielnatale for a great pic ! You guys are so pro now !!!

ri playing Manchester - by Ariel Natale

Enjoying a moment of appreciation of the Manchester vibe last night. Thanks guys ! Bri. Pic by Pete on my BriPhone.

Bri enjoying Manchester vibe

A very warm Manchester Arena !

Very warm Manchester arena

Some chemistry going on here !!! LONDON here we come !!! Bri.  Thanks @jaimethemiracle for great pic.

Manchester chemistry by @jaimethemiracle"