A brief moment – stereo experiment – and dear old London Town


Bri and Kerry as Gwendolen Fairfax - stereo

Bri in a brief moment with long lost pal. In 3-D. Backstage at The Importance of Being Earnest.… This is smarter than it looks at first sight. And it echoes a technique practised in the 1850s. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with it myself – creating a bit of 3-D parallax within an image by altering the content between shots. Very nice, Ms DBBM !

Brian Talks on screen - stereo

It’s nice to pretend for a moment that dear old London still looks like this – instead of being wrecked by rampant ugly speculative building works.

Dear old London

Yep. I guess there was a time when beauty was appreciated rather than the blind pursuit of money.