Bye bye home bike !


Bye bye home bike ! I’ll be back in a month or so. I’m sure I will enjoy many fine bikes around the world in the coming weeks. Forgive me. But none shall be quite as welcoming as thee.

Bye bye home bike

None shall have such affection from me. And we shall have a future, thee and me. What a world have we created ? This tickled me – at the infamous Heathrow Terminal 5. Ha ha ! I’m enjoying your comments on this, folks !

Brian May tickled in Heathrow Terminal 5 – 08 Feb 2018

A pile of these magazines offered at the airport for light reading. How does this make you feel ? Excited ? Exhilarated ? Or saddened, or nauseous ? How does the rider feel ? How does the horse feel ? Why does the rider need a weapon ? What does this tell us about the state of empathy in our country ? What is the future ? Towards more understanding, more kindness, more respect ? Or will it be more and more about seeking pleasure and wealth and power for ME, at no-matter-what cost to everyone else, human or non human ? To be honest, I felt despondent, seeing this, and knowing there are so many people who will lap it up.

Gallop cover

So finally the penny drops. As I (temporarily) leave Britain today, I’m reminded that we’re still involved in trying to ‘Brexit’, the stupidest thing my country has tried to do in my lifetime. I’m told that the devastatingly ineffectual Mrs May, who has lost all power now, is being kept in the pole position purely so she can be the fall guy when Brexit fails … as it must. What a colossal waste of time, money, and energy. How small and indecisive we look to the rest of the world. I matter which way this goes, Theresa May will always be remembered as the unwitting architect of Little Britain. In my humble etc.

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