Join us – ‘Portraits for the Stereoscope: Seeing the Victorians’


Join us !

Join us ‘Portraits for the stereoscope: Seeing the Victorians’

Hi Folks

It’s Bri.

I’m home in England, resting and recuperating for a while although really doing a lot of stuff, I guess, but trying to readjust and heal.

First public appearance will be the 22nd of this month at 7PM at the National Portrait Gallery, where I’ll be joining my colleague, Denis Pellerin, and we will be presenting for the first time ever what you might call ‘Giants of Portraiture in the Stereoscope’.

Might sound obscure but these you will see are the most amazingly beautiful portraits of people at the very birth of photography and stereoscopy.

So we’ll be projecting on the screen in 3-D. We will be supplying the spectacles so you will see everything in glorious stereoscopic fabulousness and I hope to see you there. God bless you.


Brian May - join us at the NPG

Who are the Giants ? The pioneering giants of stereoscopic portraiture ?

Monsieur Denis Pellerin and I will be there at the National Portrait Gallery on 22nd of this month – next Thursday – to show you. We begin projecting these masterpieces – never before seen in 3-D on the screen – at 7 pm. See you there ! And in stereo – of course !

Denis and Brian